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Why Batyr do what they do

Despite 1 in 4 young people suffering a mental health issue by the end of adolescence, mental health issues are not openly discussed and remain the ’elephant in the room’. Mental ill health holds a stigma that prevents open and frank exchanges and ultimately is a barrier to young people getting the help they need.

In an average Australian Year 12 classroom of 30 students 7 will be dealing with a serious mental illness, 2 will seek professional help and 1 will attempt suicide. Batyr was established to directly address the stigma associated with mental health by giving young people a voice, and the courage and conviction to share stories of triumph over mental illness in an attempt to ensure that all young Australians can look forward to better mental health.

How Batyr do what they

Batyr seeks to engage, educate and empower young people to make a positive change to the mental health of young Australians by speaking out about social and mental health issues. Batyr’s mission is to foster an environment where seeking help and talking about mental health is not only acceptable but is encouraged and supported.

What Batyr do

Batyr offers programs with secondary and tertiary students providing young speakers who have successfully managed a social or mental health experience. Batyr educate students about the support networks and systems available to them and empower students to reach out for help when they need it.

Children First Foundation


Why we support Children First

We at Complete Wealth along with the Genesys Group are proud to support the Children First Foundation. We are amazed and grateful for the impact that the foundation makes on transforming the lives of children who need help the most.

Who are they?

Children First Foundation (CFF) was established in July 1999 to support Moira Kelly, AO’s humanitarian work.

What do they do?

The Foundation’s mission is to transform the lives of children who need it most by giving hope, exceptional care and pathways to a brighter future. To achieve this the Foundation operates two programs, Miracle sMiles and Between the Gaps.

The Miracle sMiles Program brings children to Australia from developing countries for life saving/life changing surgery. The Between the Gaps program, provides ancillary medical assistance to disadvantaged Australian children.

Complete Wealth Cricket Academy


Why we support the Complete Wealth Cricket Academy

The Complete Wealth Cricket Academy is an initiative by Complete Wealth, realised through Matt Armstrong who saw there was a gap in the Albury-Wodonga area for teaching cricketers and improving their happiness through playing cricket.

Who are they?

The Complete Wealth Cricket Academy comprises of several coaches, international cricketers and other guest coaches coming together to help educate and improve cricketers – originally established in 2014.

What do they do?

The Academy offers high class coaching and personal development programs to aspiring players at all levels. The Academy is passionate about opening doors for young cricketers, developing cricket in regional areas and helping others experience a lifetime of enjoyment and friendship from the game.

Torq/Merida Mountain Bike Team


Why we support the Torq/Merida Mountain Bike Team

Following our belief in maximising happiness, we’re proud to support and sponsor the Torq/Merida team due to their overwhelming support of the sport in Australia.

Who are they?

The Torq/Merida team is an Australian mountain bike team sponsored by the owners of Torq Nutrition Australia – Dean and Gen Clark.

What do they do?

The Torq Team have sponsored and developed numerous riders over the years including some top Australian and International riders such as Steele Von Hoff, Luke Fetch, Brenton Jones, and Jack Haig.


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